“I  understand so much more about brain function and cells as it relates to my struggles with weight loss.  I have had a piece of cake in my refrigerator for three days.  Let me repeat that.  I have had a piece of cake in my refrigerator for three days.  Prior to finding Nikki, that sentence would have never been uttered. I now go to sleep at a normal hour, not 3 am. I wake up feeling rested at 7 am.  I no longer feel like I have to have coffee to function.  I have a much happier outlook on my weight loss and I have lost a little weight as of this writing. I can’t recommend Nikki to enough people.  I wish everyone would stop with the fad diets and throwing money at things that don’t and can’t change your brain function.  If you have been trying to lose weight and can’t seem to stop eating sweets and carbohydrates, it might be your body making you want those things.  You owe it to yourself to check.  It isn’t just will power and self-discipline.  I was beating myself up over things I really couldn’t control for many years. You don’t have to continue the vicious cycle.  Weight loss is hard enough without your body and brain fighting you every step of the way.  It can be better.  I am not the same person I was 3 months ago, and that is amazing. Nikki is the best thing since cheese fries.  And I really like cheese fries.  Go see Nikki.  Make the commitment.  You will feel so much better.”    -Tina R., Austin, TX.
“Thank you for the session today. You have this natural way of educating that feels very considerate, interactive, alive and present. I’m so grateful for your assistance and your kind attention in rebuilding my health in a sustainable way that keeps me and my loved ones nourished along the way.”   -Kerry S., Austin, TX