My Approach

Certified Clinical Nutritionist’s (CCN’s) are functional medicine practitioners who promote wellness by focusing on the fundamental nutritional factors that influence a person’s experience of well-being. They have an understanding of biochemistry of nutrients and disease states, allowing them to identify signs of a nutritional deficiency or imbalance. Through the use of specific foods, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, CCN’s help their clients attain and maintain optimal health.

As a Clinical Nutritionist, I believe there are three elements to neurological fitness that can be achieved through dietary and environmental adjustments:

  1. Endocrine balance
  2. Energy Metabolism, and
  3. Detoxification

Endocrine balance deals with the chemical messengers in our body such as enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones acting to promote and maintain balance. This balance can be disrupted in response to stress and can eventually manifest as an imbalance, such as adrenal fatigue. By  blood and neurotransmitter test results, I can help to identify factors in the environment that are contributing to the imbalance, such as an over-active “fight or flight” response and recommend stress management techniques, such as the many benefits of magnesium in support of adrenal rejuvenation.

The second element to neurological fitness is energy metabolism. Metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions taking place within the body at any given moment to maintain life. Identifying nutrient deficiencies allows for supplementation of that nutrient in order to support healthy energy metabolism. By taking simple measurements, nutrients can be supplied through a healthy diet with supplementations until balance is restored.

Detoxification is the final element, and this can help reduce inflammation in the body. By identifying and removing toxic sources in our environment, such identifying and eliminating an unknown food intolerance, we can reduce the total immune burden on our body and experience a higher level of fitness. For instance, if inflammation in our digestive tract were reduced, we may be able to digest and absorb nutrients more effectively. Supporting the function of the liver and immune system through dietary supplementation can enhance the removal toxins from our bodies.

As a Clinical Nutritionist I am committed to working with clients who are looking for natural health options to feeling better. I provide careful analysis and dietary recommendations that include nutritional supplements to help reawaken the body’s innate ability to heal itself.