My Approach

Nikki Drummond, CCN, is a functional medicine practitioner that promotes wellness by focusing on the fundamental nutritional factors that influence a person’s experience of well-being.  She possesses deep understanding of the biochemistry of nutrients and disease states that allows her to identify signs of imbalance and to recommend the appropriate steps for remediation.  Through the use of specific foods and nutrients she helps her clients attain and maintain optimal health.

There are three main elements that can be optimized to improve neurologic health through dietary and environmental modifications: endocrine balance, energy metabolism, and detoxification.  Endocrine balance deals with the chemical messengers in our body such as enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones that vary in response to stress and that may manifest as, for example, adrenal fatigue.  Energy metabolism deals with the way our body produces energy from the foods we eat, and how particular nutrient deficiencies cause changes in these energy-producing pathways.  Detoxification protocols, such as liver support, can help reduce pro-inflammatory molecules that contribute to the immune burden in our body, thereby allowing for greater healing to take place.