Step 3: Nourish the Body

When the brain and the gut communicate properly, the body is able to utilize the nutrients you consume to begin to heal itself.  The goal is to optimize the microbiota-gut-brain interaction for the long term through functional nutritional protocols.

What you choose to eat truly becomes your own healing diet.  The interaction between the receptors in our gut, microbiota metabolites and the nutrients from our diet form a basis of communications between the endocrine, neuronal, and immune systems.

Different diets alter the composition of our microbiota, thereby altering the metabolic profile, which alters the receptor interaction that guides system communication and ultimately, our behavior.For instance, a high-fat diet in mice increases the Firmucutes bacterial population in the microbiota which leads to decreased memory.  A high-sugar diet in mice increased Clostridiales and Lactobacillus species of bacteria which impaired learning.  A meat containing diet increased bacterial diversity which increased working memory.